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Our team of designers, project managers and timber framers can handle any commercial or residential project.   As a full service Timber Frame manufacturer and construction management company, we offer you support in all aspects of your timber frame project from design, drafting and engineering, to custom manufacturing and erecting of your timbers.

We work with architects, drafters, engineers, interior designers and general contractors to bring your project to life. We have our own in house Design team that will ensure your timber structure will be perfectly aligned with your design plans.

Offering more than just solid sawn wood products in a variety of species, our team applies the latest in wood technology, handling and installing Glulam components and panels (CLT, NLT, GLT etc.) any size.  We are utilizing the most advanced new world technologies and engineered connections and combine them with old world European techniques for projects. Projects as small as  decorative timber trusses or knee braces and entry canopies to full structural timber frames, including full-on commercial and institutional mass timber projects.

Our team of Master Timber Framers, Journeymen Timber Framers, Apprentices is getting supported by our estimators and  architectural design and drafting team.

In our manufacturing facilities, we work with semi-automated beam cutting and CNC planing machinery  along with the latest in equipment and power tools, while our experienced craftsman still use traditional hand tools when needed.

In the selection of our timbers, we focus on high quality tight, straight grain, limited size and amount of knots and low moisture content. We source our timbers from B.C. forests, which grow some of the world’s best wood fiber.  In order to control the moisture content, we purchase timbers and season them in our yard or, for the none-plus ultra in quality, all our timbers are radio frequency kiln dried.  This assures an average moisture content of 15% to the core.

Besides structural Timber Frames, we offer additions, roof structures, entries, canopies, decorative beams and timber elements, decks, dormers, stairs, railings, gazebos, pergolas, bridges etc.

To erect our frames, we use our own heavy equipment, and therefore eliminate the cost and inconvenience of renting.

We know our own equipment best, which improves quality, precision and speed of the installation.

Originally developed as an excellent wall and roof system to close-in the beautiful timber frames we build, we offer our our wood-based, sustainable and ecological Enerficient ® panel system to complete your building envelope.  The Enerficient® panel can complement your Timber Frame or, structurally slightly modified building. It can build the roof and walls of your conventionally constructed, non-timber frame building.

The panel is completely free of allergens, toxins, and VOC and creates a mold resistant building envelope. (Please see the University of Thompson River’s study; “Breathing Room”, on this building method).

The stud framed walls are pre-manufactured in our shop, completely with sheathing on both sides, blown-in with insulation, air barrier and moisture retarder membrane as well as strapping inside and out..

Our preferred insulation is a pure wood fiber or cellulose fiber. This type of construction has been proven its capabilities over many decades in Europe, including the cold climates of Scandinavia.

Our panel system  incorporates wood-fiber insulation products from STEICO which have achieved accreditations by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Natural Resources Canada, (NR Can R-2000), Canada Green Council, Enerquality Corp Ontario (Energy Star Home), and several additional European air quality and environmental accreditations, well beyond North American standards.  The walls create an air tight, yet moisture breathable shell that has high vapor diffusion which eliminates the risk of moisture build-up due to condensation within the panel.

This unique building method acts as its own air barrier without building paper or Poly, proven to have extremely low air losses with blower-door tests.  The wall uniquely acts as its own insulation and thermal break. Both the interior and exterior are strapped to allow for mechanical distribution without the need to cut into the air barrier and allowing for a constant air flow for evaporation of condensation  and summerly cooling. The unique fiber is low-flammable, as it will only smolder when exposed to flame, slowing down ignition and release no toxins other then those created in a bon fire.

This wall and roof system creates a face shift factor that allows the panels to absorb and transfer heat and cold at a slower rate, (over 12 hour periods), thus creating a constant temperature within the building, which we consider our ‘natural air conditioning’ for the summer.


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