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From Design to Finished Product

Commercial, Residential and Green!

Woodpecker European Timber Framing is a full-service design manufacturer that offers innovative and experienced timber framing. We are located in Canmore, (Exshaw), Alberta right next door to some of the world’s best quality Timber.

As an experienced Timber Framing company, not only do we do we supply, manufacture and install the timber, but we also do all the upfront planning in design, drafting, and support engineering the project. In order to be competitive, we offer fully automated Timber manufacturing with our new Robot and CNC Planer. Our experienced Timber framers work with the best power tools, machinery, and traditional hand tools.

Due to our European roots, we have experience in all aspects of the Mass Timber Industry, as it has been a preferred building method in Europe for over three decades. Mass timber construction uses large prefabricated structural wood members for wall, floor and roof construction. This construction technique allows the structural components to be revealed, exposing the beauty of the material. Some of these products include glue-laminated timber (glulam), cross-laminated timber (CLT) and nail-laminated lumber (NLT). These products are a much a higher quality than conventional steel or concrete.

We are proud to introduce our own “unique” type of building – the timber frame home with a twist. Equipped with an innovative type of wood-based ecological building material from Germany, Woodpecker blends German engineering & technology with Canadian wood fibre quality & craftmanship, using our own Enerficient wall and roof panel system. Our Timber buildings are unique as they comprise of only modern energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building materials.

Our company is here to offer you:

  • In house consultation, 3D-design, joinery and installation of residential and commercial timber frame structures throughout Western Canada and the United States.
  • New fully automated timber cutting Robot and CNC timber planer.
  • Large timber inventory at our primary 10,000 sq. ft. shop facility in Canmore, (Exshaw), AB
  • Our process is from start to finish with every project.
  • Our team starts with a sales department, estimators, design and drafting team, production, construction management and installation.
  • Our team consists of trained and licensed Canadian and European carpenters, as well as Timber Frame journeymen
  • Prefabricated Enerficient® wall and roof panels (SIP-like) designed and built in-house
  • We build energy efficient, sustainable buildings, using energy efficient and environmentally friendly materials.
  • We build LEED, LBC and supply Passive House projects.
  • Canadian Green Build Council Member, and National Finalist for “Product of the Year”!
  • Woodpecker is COR certified and our Production Manager is a certified NCSO.



Woodpecker-European Timber Framing Ltd’s founder Peter Graul, a trained Timber Framer with over 20 years experience , came from Germany and has been operating in Canada for over 16 years . He brings the expertise of century old techniques that have been used in Germany crafting Timber Frames for over 800 years. Peter’s vision was to use the unique attributes of Canadian Timber coupled with European Craftmanship to build the best Timberframes in the world. He has successfully done that, continuing to grow his business to the operation it is today. While constantly advancing Woodpecker’s technology…sustainability and efficiency are always his focus. Peter is respected in the Canadian Timber Frame Community, as he continues to steward Environmental Building methods in Canada.


Office Manager

Sabine Klauk is an invaluable member of the WPTF team. As the Office Manager, Sabine looks after all aspects of accounting, and administration in the office. Sabine often acts as a liaison between the client and the work site, and is involved with scheduling and booking equipment, as well as procuring and purchasing for projects. Sabine also supports all the WPTF employees with any issues, questions or concerns, in a HR management role.

Sabine’s love of the mountains brought her to Banff in 2005, where she fell in love with the area and never left. Sabine and her dog Winnie, enjoy summers hiking, mountain biking and kayaking, and both cross country and downhill skiing during the winter months.


Architechtural Technologist

Heather Meaney is one of the key members of the Woodpecker Design team. Heather is a very talented Architectural Technologist and a passionate Timber Designer. Timber Frame Design has been her speciality since she has graduated as an A.T.

Heather has experienced working with other Design firms, before she made the bold move to join Woodpecker and specialize exclusively in Timber Design. With the growth of Mass Timber, and her sensitivity to Timber as a design material, Heather is on her way to being one of the best Designers in our industry.

Not only does Heather concentrate on the technology of building, design, and construction, but she also addresses the matters of aesthetics, space, light, and circulation within the technical design. Her experience with Timber allows her to be a great resource for the Architects, Engineers and Project Managers we work with.

Heather, her husband, and her fur babies love living in the Bow Valley where she enjoys creating personal art pieces in her community.

Thomas Riexinger

Operations Manager and Safety Officer

Thomas Riexinger is our resident Operations Manager and Safety Officer. Thomas is a Timber Frame professional that has worked at WPTF for over 5 years. He manages all of our work sites, from Scheduling, Crews, Equipment, Quality Control and Safety. Thomas’ dedication and commitment to safety has ensured WPTF COR Certification. Thomas looks after all aspects of communication between the shop and the work site ensuring, accuracy and efficiency. He would describe his job as:

S: Safety
M: Management
A: Administration
R: Responsible
T: Training

Thomas loves living and working in the Bow Valley and enjoys the natural surroundings of the mountain parks.

David Lane

Drafting & Design Lead

David Lane is our Drafting & Design Lead who was graduated from SAIT with a diploma in Architectural Technology. David is involved in all aspects of Design and Cadwork at WPTF and works closely with Architects and Engineers, as well as our production team to ensure accuracy and quality. He is committed to the Timber Frame industry, as he enjoys the challenge of designing buildings where the structural components are not hidden. “I like the fact that every component is unique in the structure, and I pay attention to each timber in every timber frame I create.

As an avid skier and hiker, Canmore was the perfect place for me to live and work. I also enjoy astrophotography and the mountains provide an amazing foreground for shots of the Milk Way.

Stefan Kubis

Timber Frame Carpenter

With over 35 years experience as a Master Timber Framer Stefan Kubis is one of our most experienced crew leaders. As our lead Project Manager and Supervisor at WPTF. Stefan’s attention to detail and dedication make every project he works on special. We know that every aspect of his work, has been done with precision and every attention to detail has been considered.

Canmore is home for Stefan where he can enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Rocky Mountains. He appreciates the natural surroundings of Alberta and British Columbia.

Rolf Zingerli

CNC Operator/Timber Framer

Rolf Zingerli has 23 years experience in the timber framing Industry.
Coming to Canada in 2015 from Switzerland, where he worked as timber framer for many years, he understands all areas of timber framing.
Rolf is very detail oriented, ensuring all timbers are precisely cut using our CNC machine.
As our residence cowboy, he loves horses and all things western!

Our Mission

At Woodpecker Timber Framing, we use only premium Canadian Timber combined with German Craftsmanship and Technology together with the highest standards in green building and efficiency to create legacy buildings. It is our objective to offer the very best products and construction in our industry, while paying attention to affordability and efficiency. We stay on top of the latest technologies, world wide, with advanced machinery and methods to deliver excellence from start to finish.

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