COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Safety is a priority.

All of us at Woodpecker hope you are all doing well in your personal and professional communities during the COVID-19 crisis. It has been a strange time where we are all being put to the test on how we respond to others in need. Although it has been a huge sacrifice to remain in our homes and to follow the restrictive guidelines, we believe we will all come out better as people and communities from this challenge. The health and well being of everyone in and around our company is our number one concern. We will continue to support our community in all efforts to help contain the COVID-19 virus.

Safety at Woodpecker has always been a top priority on our job sites and managing the risk of COVID-19 should be no exception. Woodpecker has immediately followed all COVID-19 protocols from both the Canadian and Alberta government, for all of our staff, sub trades and clients. As well, our company has significantly amplified these protocols and implemented additional measures based on recommendations from government and health authorities.

Our reality is that in our industry, (the construction sector of Canada), tradespeople cannot work from home. Our industry is one of the largest employers in Canada, (1.5 million people), and makes up 70% of small and medium sized businesses. We also provide essential services to our communities to ensure everyone has safe buildings and services to rely on.

Please know during COVID-19 most of our business at Woodpecker can still be conducted safely through virtual meetings, phone calls and emails. This is common practice in how we typically do business during normal circumstances. This is also a great opportunity to keep work moving and try to be as productive as possible during these challenging times.

We will continue to support our clients and protect our communities by maintaining and planning for our future household, hospitals, schools and businesses needs.

All our best to all of you; our clients, colleagues, friends and families. We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing you soon!

The Woodpecker Team

Our Mission

At Woodpecker Timber Framing, we use only premium Canadian Timber combined with German Craftsmanship and Technology together with the highest standards in green building and efficiency to create legacy buildings. It is our objective to offer the very best products and construction in our industry, while paying attention to affordability and efficiency. We stay on top of the latest technologies, world wide, with advanced machinery and methods to deliver excellence from start to finish.

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