What is your perfect Oasis?

Backyard upgrades

After staying inside for weeks during COVID-19, the weather has now allowed us to move to our outdoor spaces. It is the perfect time to focus on your own personal paradise for this season.
What a great way to start your “staycation” this year by designing and planning a Timber element to add to your back yard.

Whether it be a:

  • Gazebo
  • Pergola
  • Sauna
  • Privacy Screen
  • Porch
  • Shade Structure
  • Hot Tub Enclosure
  • Outdoor Kitchen or Bar.

We can create anything you can imagine out of Timber.

Timber is the most versatile, durable, cost effective and natural product to use in any Landscape project. Timber is also a very effective way to add architectural elements to your home or any building. Decorative Timber options can be added to any exterior or interior space.

We offer the best technology in the Timber industry, along with the highest quality Canadian wood fibre in the world. Our primary species for Timber manufacturing is Douglas Fir, (FOH – free of heart), and can be kiln dried depending on the project’s needs. We are located within hours of the best quality Canadian Timber in the world, readily available and sustainably produced. Due to our buying power we not only stock lots of Timber but also offer very competitive pricing.

We are a full-service design manufacturer. We work with any project that includes Timber. If you want to create your own custom DIY project, we can help. If you want to include your favorite Landscaper or General Contractor, we can help. We offer both fully automated C&C Timber cutting, as well as traditional hand cut joinery.

Our process is quite simple:

  1. Once we review the project needs together through sharing of documents and renderings, our estimating department determines the price of the project, (our projects typically start at $2,500 and up, depending on the size of the structure, or element).
  2. Afterwards our Technical Drafting Department ensures all information is provided, and then we create the technical Timber plan. That plan is passed on to you for site preparation and installation, (DIY or if done by others).
  3. That plan is used to create the technical design to manufacture the Timber components. Once approved, the design moves on to our Production department.
  4. Our Production team manages our Timber inventory, warehousing and equipment, as well as oversees the manufacturing, finishing and coating of the Timber components.
  5. The Timbers are then wrapped and prepared for shipping. All hardware, connectors and specialty fasteners are included in the package.
  6. We can offer full installation, depending on the size and location of the project, while respecting all COVID-19 recommended safe distances to residents and workers involved in the project. (There is also virtual Project Management support available through video conferencing, phone calls and email, if the install is done DIY or by others.)

We have shipped packages of all types and sizes throughout our region and have found the process to work very well.

Call us today to get your project started! 403.673.3333

Our Mission

At Woodpecker Timber Framing, we use only premium Canadian Timber combined with German Craftsmanship and Technology together with the highest standards in green building and efficiency to create legacy buildings. It is our objective to offer the very best products and construction in our industry, while paying attention to affordability and efficiency. We stay on top of the latest technologies, world wide, with advanced machinery and methods to deliver excellence from start to finish.

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