Glulam Glulam Glulam Glulam Glulam


Where beauty and strength meet, Glulam…stronger than Steel.

Engineered wood products, stronger than steel, are now a viable option in Commercial and Industrial Construction.

They are used in all sizes and scales of commercial buildings as well as multi-family complexes and large industrial buildings.  Glulam beams are found to be used to create vast spans found in the largest coliseums, to atrium styles vaults and curvy, wavy structures.

This product is starting to become more commonly seen in residential construction as well.  We have done all types of glulam projects, and in all aspects from design, engineering, manufacturing and installation.  We understand the capabilities of engineered wood Beams and Panels, through our experience with solid timber structures.

Unlike steel buildings, the Glulam structure is not hidden. Often the design will be shown because it is aesthetically pleasing.  This attention to detail is what we do.  As Timber Framers we understand the importance of how these products are handles and installed.  Each connection is handled with precision and care.  We also understand the need of an exact fit, using all methods of mortise and tenons to special connectors.  We are experienced in how to modify and troubleshoot on site.

We know:

  • this building method is superior to steel
  • it is a renewable and sustainable resource material
  • it has unlimited design opportunities
  • it often creates a carbon neutral environment
  • it assembles quickly and accurately
  • we are one of the best in this business

Combined with engineered wall systems, these buildings are not only beautiful, but ultra energy efficient and quick to construct…saving time and money.

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