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This is the second home construction project we have completed with you and both exceeded our expectations as far as value, quality and uniqueness.

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We chose Woodpecker to build our lake cottage for many reasons, but one of the biggest selling features for us was his wall construction. The cottage has a climate of its own.

Happy Client 2

Canmore AB

The temperature inside doesn't fluctuate at all in the summer and minimally in the winter! Low energy bill! Peter's attention to detail is evident everywhere you look.

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Cottage Club, Ghost Lake

The NDW system allowed for off-site fabrication which allowed for lower cost and site construction time compared to conventional framing.

Happy Client 4

Canmore AB

Our home remains noticeably cool without the use of air conditioning throughout the summer months. The heating bill for the entire 1500 sf. home is rarely over $50 a month.

Happy Client 5

Sylvan Lake AB

After experiencing all of the seasons in our new home, we are very happy with the performance of the NDW wall panels.

Happy Client 6

Canmore AB

A person really notices utility fees when the cost of the gas ($23) is more than the delivery charge by the gas company ($34) during the winter months.

Happy Client 7

Canmore AB

From past experiences, we realize how superior this wall system is. We have no cold spots, comfortable winter & summer and it's quiet.

Happy Client 8

Canmore AB

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