About Timberframing

Commercial, Residential and Green!

We are a design manufacturer of all types of Timber frame structures and products. We support our clients from design to installation. We source the highest quality Canadian wood fibre in the world that is “free of heart”, as well as offer radio frequency kiln drying. We are experienced with specialty engineered connections, fasteners, wood finishes and coatings.

Timber framing or “Post and Beam” construction is a traditional style of building construction in which heavy timbers, unlike logs, are squared-off for more precise and air-tight joinery. Traditional joinery uses mortises and tenons and is secured with wooden pegs. There is a large variety of traditional joinery styles besides mortise and tenon. Other common joints include dovetail, tying joint, scarf joint, and lap joint.

The areas where this type of Architecture is most known is Europe, particularly, Germany, Austria & France, Woodpecker’s founder and owner came to Canada from Germany in 2000 and founded the company in 2005. Due to his European roots, he brought a wealth of information with traditional Timber Framing as well as modern methods and techniques, like exposed connections and engineered materials like Glulam and CLT, (cross laminated timber).

Our craftsman can create one of kind hand cut joinery, as well our full-service facility includes an automated C&C Planer and Timber cutting Robot. This technology can create clean, precise connections for modern styles and aesthetics.

We can create any style of Timber structure, or trims for any style building. We know Timber framing offers the best value in its durability and individual beauty. This type of construction is almost a thousand years old, because it is lasting and evolves with modern construction needs. It is the only sustainable way to build, and creates a natural, healthy environment for those who choose it.

Our Mission

At Woodpecker Timber Framing, we use only premium Canadian Timber combined with German Craftsmanship and Technology together with the highest standards in green building and efficiency to create legacy buildings. It is our objective to offer the very best products and construction in our industry, while paying attention to affordability and efficiency. We stay on top of the latest technologies, world wide, with advanced machinery and methods to deliver excellence from start to finish.

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