Woodpecker is now COR certified

Woodpecker is now COR certified

Woodpecker Timberframing is now COR Certified. This Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is available to all members of the ACSA from owner/operators to large corporations, and is administered by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. The courses require seven days of training.

Here are some facts:

To be able to bid on most government jobs or just large projects, COR is now required. Not many smaller sized companies have COR.

Woodpecker Timberframing is one of the very few companies Canada wide that is COR certified. It is a safety certification which has to get renewed by an external auditor every three years but an internal audit has to be sent in annually.

Woodpecker has a safety consultant on staff. The Safety Consultant and the President  of Woodpecker Timberframing are both fully certified COR auditors and make sure the company complies to the highest safety standards in the industry.

All employees have to participate to achieve the certification and maintain it by filling out daily hazard assessment sheets, do site inspections, fall protection plans, perform regular safety checks on vehicles and equipment, at all times wear their personal protective equipment as well as specialized protective equipment which woodpecker supplies etc….. They get send to special safety trainings regularly such as: fall protection training, scaffolding course, WHMIS, heavy equipment operator training, first aid etc.

The company holds regular safety meetings and the foremen hold their tail gate meetings with their crews. Woodpecker achieved an over 90% score in their certification. We are waiting for a final confirmed number.

COR includes the company has:

  • A safety policy and manual in places
  • Trains their employees in safety
  • Makes sure all paperwork for safe work (see above under what employees have to do) is in place and filled out on a daily base.
  • Makes sure all equipment and tools are maintained and serviced regularly and comply with the latest safety standards
  • Holds regular meetings to discuss issues, latest updates on safe work practices and procedures, train employees on new equipment, discuss site and work conditions etc.
  • Safe work procedures and safe job practices are in place. These make sure power tools, equipment and machinery are used in a proper, safe way and tasks are performed safely.
  • And much more…..

For more information: http://www.acsa-safety.org/cor.php

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